Friday, June 9, 2017

My Daily Health and Beauty Supplements from Nano Japan

If you have been shopping on Qoo10 frequently, you confirm will see Nano Japan Products appearing in the top 100 bestsellers in the beauty and diet category. I have been consuming these products for more than 1 year, coming 2 years so thought of sharing with you all these amazing products which I love so so much. Over the past 1 year+, I have bought from Nano Japan countless times until the staffs are aware of me. No kidding! 

Every morning during breakfast, I will add a scoop of Nano Collagen into my cup of coffee, mix well before drinking it. It goes well with my white coffee, making it taste like vanilla coffee. I tried with orange juice once but did not really like the taste of it. Battling acne has been my main concern for all these years and I am glad that Nano Collagen helps in reducing the occurrence of my awful breakouts. My skin is now clearer and healthier looking except for the few ugly looking sebaceous hyperplasia which even laser treatments failed to get rid of them.

My daily health and beauty supplements also include Nano Royal Jelly and Nano Detox & Cleanse Smoothie.

Nano Royal Jelly is in soft-gel capsule form. Yes I do not like to pop pills especially such BIG ones (Each capsule measures approximately 2.5cm in length) I actually squeeze out the royal jelly from the capsules and swallow it with water. The most obvious result I notice is my nails are much stronger than before; they do not break easily at edges these days.

And my daily intake of Nano Detox & Cleanse Smoothie before lunch greatly improves my digestive system and provides all the vitamins and dietary fibers that my body needs in a day. All these years, I have very bad constipation problem, but ever since I started drinking Nano Detox daily for the past 1 year+, it helps in my bowel movement allowing me to visit the toilet everyday, without any diarrhea effect. In the past, I only visit the toilet only once a week. If you are having constipation problem like me in the past, I highly recommended you to give Nano Detox a try. Just mix a scoop of Detox powder with room temperature water (and some cold water) and you will have a delicious green apple smoothie. Although it contains 219 vegetables and fruits enzymes, rest assured that there is no raw vegetable taste. 

Some evenings I will also drink Nano Diet & Antioxidant Berry Smoothie after dinner. Similar to Nano Detox, I prefer to drink it on its own (by adding room temperature water follow by cold water for a chilled drink).

It is a cooling and refreshing berry taste drink which is delicious. Due to the konnyaku extract present in the Diet powder, it is advisable to drink the smoothie right after you have dissolved the powder into the water. If you were to drink the smoothie a few minutes after you have mixed it with water, the enzyme powder will absorb the water fully and expand which will make the smoothie very thick and jelly-like in texture. 

Nano Detox works to cleanse our inner system and Nano Diet works to burn the fats, and it is recommended to start Nano Detox for at least 1 to 2 weeks to allow our inner system to be cleansed before incorporating Nano Diet into your daily supplement regime for optimal results. 

I have read and heard success stories how people managed to lose weight by drinking Nano Detox and Nano Diet everyday for a few months. To see better results, Nano Japan even advised customers to replace our lunch with 2 to 3 scoops of Nano Detox smoothie. Of course, those people who managed to lose weight do have strong self discipline as in not to eat junk food, buffets, fast food, high carbo stuffs, desserts which I cannot control. Doing light exercise and drinking lots of water to flush out toxins from our bodies are highly recommended. For me, I drink Nano Detox and Nano Diet more to help me in my constipation problem because they really work!! 

I can also sleep better and do not feel tired that easily ever since I started incorporating Nano Japan products in my daily Health & Beauty Supplements regimen. Highly recommended!

If you are interested to know more about Nano Japan Products, please visit their product listings on Qoo10 to find out more about Nano Collagen, Nano Detox, Nano Diet and Nano Royal Jelly. Do note that the prices of the products fluctuate almost every week, and you may need to pay shipping fee of $3 if you do not meet the minimum spend amount. 

Alternatively, if you prefer to shop on Lazada, Nano Japan products are also available there and it comes with free shipping even if you buy just 1 unit!

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